User Guide

The first thing you will see is the welcome screen which tells you which version of PHP protect you are using and if there is a new version available.

welcome screen

Now move to the obfuscate tab , you will see this -

obfuscate screen

you will need to choose a source folder - where your PHP files are in and then choose a destination folder. pay attention - the entire source folder will be copied into the destination folder so that you can use and test the obfuscated code right away. Also very important : the destination folder WILL BE DELETED every time you run the obfuscator, yeah i know it will sometimes delete files that had not changed but in order to make sure every think work fine - deleting all and starting clean is the best solution. Now press the obfuscate button. you will notice the status bar text changes , if your source folder is very large this can take some time.

obfuscate success

Great , obfuscation was successful , you now have an obfuscated copy of your source folder. The small window tells you how many different variables were in the files and how many of them were changed during the obfuscation process.